~ innocence ~

Card count [524]
Card worth [563]
Game: Trading Academy
Grade: Bachelor
Member Name: lollie

Collecting: Host, Persocom, Kingdoms, Runemidgard

Mastered: Slave, Blossom, Dragon, Harem

x3 x10 x4
x4 x13 x1
x1 x9 x6
x4 x12 x7
x1 x12 x3
Member Card Tokens:
Scallopx2 Shrimpx6 Pufferx1

Collecting (67 worth 86)
Host (16/20)
host01 host02 host03 host04 host05
host06 host07 host08 host09 host10
host11 host host host host
host16 host17 host18 host19 host20
Persocom (15/20)
persocom01 persocom02 persocom03 persocom04 persocom
persocom06 persocom07 persocom08 persocom09 persocom
persocom11 persocom12 persocom13 persocom14 persocom15
persocom16 persocom persocom persocom19 persocom
Runemidgard (17/20)
runemidgard01 runemidgard runemidgard03 runemidgard04 runemidgard05
runemidgard06 runemidgard07 runemidgard runemidgard09 runemidgard10
runemidgard11 runemidgard runemidgard13 runemidgard14 runemidgard15
runemidgard16 runemidgard17 runemidgard18 runemidgard19 runemidgard20
Special: Kingdoms (19/20)
Future collections (155 worth 155)
blackpearl02.gif blackpearl03.gif blackpearl06.gif blackpearl08.gif blackpearl09.gif
blackpearl13.gif blackpearl14.gif books02.gif books04.gif books05.gif
books06.gif books07.gif books10.gif books11.gif books12.gif
books13.gif books14.gif books16.gif books17.gif books20.gif
brigade01.gif brigade06.gif brigade08.gif brigade18.gif brigade20.gif
chii06.gif chii08.gif chii11.gif chii12.gif chii13.gif
chii15.gif chii16.gif chii19.gif circus04.gif culinary04.gif
culinary06.gif culinary11.gif culinary17.gif culinary20.gif dalmasca02.gif
dalmasca06.gif django02.gif django06.gif django11.gif django13.gif
django18.gif django20.gif ecure04.gif ecure07.gif ecure10.gif
ecure14.gif ecure15.gif ecure17.gif farm18.gif hunters01.gif
hunters02.gif hunters10.gif hunters11.gif hunters12.gif hunters14.gif
hunters17.gif hunters20.gif love01.gif love02.gif love03.gif
love05.gif love10.gif love14.gif love16.gif love20.gif
magi03.gif magi04.gif magi10.gif magi12.gif magi16.gif
magi17.gif model02.gif model04.gif model05.gif model08.gif
model11.gif model15.gif model18.gif oath01.gif oath02.gif
oath10.gif oath12.gif oath15.gif oath16.gif oath17.gif
passion01.gif passion02.gif passion07.gif passion10.gif passion13.gif
passion14.gif passion15.gif passion19.gif passion20.gif platinum04.gif
platinum08.gif platinum09.gif platinum12.gif platinum14.gif platinum16.gif
platinum20.gif sacred03.gif sacred05.gif sacred12.gif sacred18.gif
sacred19.gif sacred20.gif sand01.gif sand08.gif sand10.gif
sand16.gif sand17.gif sand20.gif sin01.gif sin04.gif
sin05.gif sin06.gif sin07.gif sin11.gif sin12.gif
sin13.gif sin15.gif sin20.gif tattoo05.gif tattoo06.gif
tattoo07.gif tattoo10.gif tattoo11.gif tattoo12.gif tattoo13.gif
tattoo15.gif trapnest01.gif trapnest02.gif trapnest05.gif trapnest07.gif
trapnest09.gif trapnest11.gif trapnest12.gif trapnest13.gif trapnest14.gif
trapnest16.gif trapnest17.gif trapnest19.gif trapnest20.gif zodiac01.gif
zodiac05.gif zodiac08.gif zodiac11.gif zodiac17.gif zodiac19.gif
For trade (85 worth 85)
badluck08.gif bara06.gif blood07.gif britannia18.gif butler11.gif
camera12.gif class14.gif colony14.gif comic01.gif concerto05.gif
concerto07.gif crimson08.gif cross16.gif crossover17.gif crusades13.gif
dash11.gif designer07.gif destiny11.gif deus02.gif donut05.gif
dreams02.gif dreams06.gif eclipse08.gif eclipse16.gif ego10.gif
elementary04.gif emigre17.gif epitaph06.gif finder07.gif finder10.gif
finder18.gif fireball20.gif frozen07.gif futago09.gif futago18.gif
future19.gif gamers04.gif gamers15.gif gnosis17.gif gnosis20.gif
guitar03.gif hanagumi16.gif heart13.gif heroes16.gif himuro16.gif
illegal01.gif innocent06.gif japan17.gif july07.gif kyou11.gif
labyrinth09.gif license06.gif lucifer08.gif lucius02.gif millennium19.gif
mythril15.gif myths18.gif nerv09.gif nocturne08.gif paris18.gif
peach05.gif practice19.gif promise15.gif purify03.gif rakuen07.gif
ranger16.gif rosary08.gif rosary14.gif sarasa02.gif seasons06.gif
shinigami20.gif space06.gif spring01.gif stolen13.gif strahl01.gif
surgeon12.gif tamago07.gif tamago16.gif tamago20.gif traveler04.gif
valmar01.gif west08.gif west15.gif wingfield09.gif wings01.gif
Doubles (0 worth 0)
There are currently no cards in this section.
Will trade for cards of current collections (132 worth 132)
alchemy01.gif alice10.gif artist14.gif artist20.gif aurora11.gif
babylon08.gif babylon09.gif babylon20.gif balance01.gif balance07.gif
blood05.gif cephiro10.gif cephiro11.gif chronicle07.gif chronicle09.gif
comic14.gif coralian04.gif cross18.gif destined01.gif devil06.gif
drops06.gif drops17.gif elementary11.gif elementary20.gif esper04.gif
esper05.gif expel11.gif expel20.gif family19.gif feather08.gif
feather09.gif feather13.gif feather16.gif flower05.gif genpei04.gif
geostigma03.gif geostigma12.gif geostigma13.gif geostigma15.gif ghoul09.gif
ghoul13.gif gullwings01.gif gullwings12.gif gullwings19.gif gullwings20.gif
halo02.gif halo10.gif halo12.gif hotline02.gif hotline10.gif
hotline13.gif ivalice16.gif jigoku12.gif judgment02.gif kira07.gif
labyrinth07.gif labyrinth20.gif laws02.gif laws05.gif laws07.gif
laws11.gif lenneth14.gif lotis04.gif lotis09.gif lotis13.gif
lotis17.gif lotis19.gif mana18.gif mask17.gif minerva01.gif
minerva02.gif minerva08.gif minerva09.gif minerva12.gif minerva16.gif
minerva20.gif ninja03.gif noir19.gif oniichan06.gif oniichan15.gif
origin04.gif oscar12.gif pearl12.gif pearl20.gif prettycure14.gif
release03.gif release08.gif release11.gif scrapyard03.gif scrapyard06.gif
scrapyard14.gif scrapyard19.gif seed02.gif seed07.gif seed08.gif
seed10.gif seed19.gif senshi07.gif shambala04.gif shambala08.gif
shinra02.gif shinra16.gif shudelmir03.gif shudelmir04.gif shudelmir09.gif
shudelmir11.gif shudelmir13.gif shudelmir14.gif shudelmir19.gif shuri10.gif
silmeria05.gif sky14.gif stage01.gif stage04.gif stage08.gif
stage09.gif stage17.gif stage18.gif symphony05.gif symphony17.gif
tiara01.gif toudou18.gif triumph09.gif vortex03.gif vortex15.gif
wired13.gif wired14.gif witch04.gif witch07.gif witch09.gif
witch13.gif witch19.gif
Pending trades (5 worth 5)
adonis07.gif destined14.gif heartless06.gif paris04.gif paris06.gif
Mastered Sets (80 worth 100)
Harem Dragon Blossom Slave

November 2007

November, 12 2007
- Won mana16, paris07 (memory)
- Won 1 A Science grade (bulletin board)
- Won 1 B Music grade, chii1, butterflies09 (puzzle)
- Won 1 C History grade, culinary11, babylon02 (freebies)

November, 10 2007
- Traded jusenkyo02 for sand08 with Kalle
- Traded alice05 for trapnest14 with Kalle

October 2007

October, 21 2007
- Won labyrinth09, kira07 (memory)
- Won 1 C Music grade, destiny11, illegal01 (freebies)
- Won 1 B Art grade, alice10, eldeen14 (find chunkypuff!)

October, 16 2007
- Traded beloved04, july08 for chii19, sin15 with quatre
- Traded alchemy08, alchemy12, baroque07, orphan03, shudelmir02 for runemidgard03, runemidgard17, books06, books20, platinum04 with Sammie
- Traded school01 for zodiac19 with Lucathia

October, 8 2007
- Won 1 A Art grade, model04, alchemy01 (guess the mangaka)
- Won shambala04, witch19 (series guess)
- Won 1 B Music grade, flowers05, stage08 (puzzle)
- Won crimson08, shambala08 (memory)
- Won 1 C English grade, britannia18 (lucky match)
- Won 1 B Science grade, passion02, gamers15 (card scramble)
- Won 1 C English grade, runemidgard01, kyou11 (freebies)
- Won 1 B Music grade, tattoo05, drops06 (find chunkypuff!)
- Traded britannia14 for magi16 with Xerox

September 2007

September, 25 2007
- Won brigade06, drops17 (memory)
- Won class14, oniichan15 (series guess)
- Won 1 B Art grade, millennium19, crossover17 (puzzle)
- Won 1 C History grade, ecure17, west08 (freebies)
- Won 1 B Science grade, shudelmir03, tattoo10 (find chunkypuff!)
- Traded blade04, butler08 for runemidgard09, trapnest12 with Kaitie
- Traded sylvarant18 for culinary04 with Ariad

September, 12 2007
- Traded fallen11, midnight11 for symphony05, silmeria10 with Kaitie
- Won 1 A Music grade, persocom03, gullwings01 (guess the mangaka)
- Won culinary20, beloved04 (memory)
- Won 1 C Music grade, alchemy12, alice05 (freebies)
- Won 1 B English grade, brigade20, destined14 (card scramble)
- Won trapnest13, witch04 (costume)

August 2007

August, 24th 2007
- Won hunters12, passion07, kingdoms13, kingdoms14 (lottery)
- Removed gigas18 (Lottery Payment)
- Won culinary17, shudelmir11 (memory)
- Won stage09, dreams02 (series guess)
- Traded princess03, justice04 for sin03, blackpearl04 (Card Swap - August 10 to August 24)
- Won 1 B History grade, sin12, geostigma12 (puzzle)

August, 22nd 2007
- Won 1 C History grade, oath01, tamago20 (freebies)
- Won 1 B English grade, platinum16, minerva02 (find chunkypuff!)
- Traded silmeria07, geostigma08 for runemidgard11, kingdoms17 with Kaz
- Won 1 B Science grade, ecure15, comic14 (card scramble)
- Won runemidgard16, sylvarant18 (voice talent)

August, 17th 2007
- Won 1 C English grade, alchemy08, traveler04 (freebies)
- Won 1 C History grade, shuri10 (lucky match)
- Won 1 B English grade, model05, gnosis17 (find chunkypuff!)
- Won 1 B English grade, mana18, esper05 (card scramble)
- Won vortex15, chii06 (voice talent)
- Won 1 B English grade, love01, shinra02 (puzzle)

August, 9th 2007
- Won 1 A Science grade (bulletin board)
- Won 1 C History grade, school01 (lucky match)
- Won 1 B Music grade, kingdoms12, gullwings12 (find chunkypuff!)
- Won 1 B History grade, passion20, crusades13 (series guess)
- Won 1 B Music grade, trapnest07, donut05 (puzzle)

August, 7th 2007
- Won host09, hunters01, gullwings19, persocom02 (lottery)
- Removed justice11 (Lottery Payment)
- Taken free card justice11

August, 3rd 2007
- Won 1 C English grade, shudelmir04, shinigami20 (freebies)
- Won 1 extra grade (bulletin board)
- Won 1 C Science grade, paris04 (lucky match)
- Won 1 B Art grade, hunters02, butler08 (find chunkypuff!)

August, 1st 2007
- Won 1 C English grade, shudelmir04, shinigami20 (freebies)
- Won 1 extra grade (bulletin board)
- Won 1 C Science grade, paris04 (lucky match)
- Won 1 B Art grade, hunters02, butler08 (find chunkypuff!)
- Won 1 B Music grade, shudelmir13, futago18 (card scramble)
- Won tattoo15, mask17 (voice talent)
- Won 1 B English grade, balance07, concerto07 (puzzle)
- Taken free card heartless06

July 2007

July, 26th 2007
- Won 1 C Science grade, sin06, rakuen07 (freebies)
- Won justice04, ecure14, feather08, 1 egg, 1 flour (slots)
- Won 1 extra grade, 1 flour (bulletin board)
- Taken free card circus04

July, 21st 2007
- Won release03, passion14, 1 milk (card scramble)
- Won 1 B History grade, sand01, butler11, 1 sugar (costume)
- Traded shikon02 for host07 with Kaz
- Traded pendragon04 for blackpearl02 with Kaz
- Won 1 B History grade, sacred02, chii16, 1 flour, 1 milk (puzzle)

July, 19th 2007
- Won trapnest05 (scratch off, 1 random card)
- Won 1 C English grade, blackpearl03, purify03 (freebies)
- Won 1 B Art grade, magi10, adonis07 (series guess)
- Won 1 B English grade, witch13, trapnest17 (puzzle)
- Taken free card heart13

July, 11th 2007
- Won 2 extra grades, passion01, farm18, gamers04 (10 puzzle finished!)
- Won chii12, dreams06 (10 puzzle, fifth prize page)
- Won kingdoms10, practice19 (10 puzzle, fourth prize page)
- Won persocom11, japan17 (10 puzzle, third prize page)

July, 9th 2007
- Won hunters11, seed19 (10 puzzle, second prize page)
- Won 1 C Science grade, runemidgard19, rosary08 (freebies)
- Won platinum09, wired14 (card scramble)
- Won 1 B Science grade, minerva16, halo02 (series guess)
- Won 1 B Music grade, triumph09, lotis17 (puzzle)
- Won magi04, ego10 (10 puzzle, first prize page)
- Taken free card epitaph06
- Won kingdoms03, kingdoms04 (choice cards) and west15, gnosis20 (random cards)
- Bachelor grade!!

July, 4th 2007
- Won 1 Shrimp, laws07, spring01, lotis09 (crazy puzzle)

July, 3rd 2007
- Won 1 A English grade, 1 B Science grade, 1 C History grade, adonis13, japan10, dreams14 (slots, special match yeah! ^^)
- Won stage17, prettycure14, kingdoms09 (lottery)
- Removed desire20 (Lottery Payment)
- Won 1 C Art grade, love02, solieu20 (freebies)
- Won 1 A Science grade (bulletin board)
- Taken free card coralian04
- Won 1 B Science grade, model11, emigre17 (find chunkypuff!)
- Won 1 B History grade, host10, wings01 (puzzle)
- Won sand20, seed10 (card scramble)
- Won artist14, jigoku12 (voice talent)

June 2007

June, 24th 2007
- Won platinum08, platinum14 (card claim)

June, 23rd 2007
- Won 1 C Music grade, eclipse08, kingdoms11 (freebies)
- Won 1 A Science grade, fireball20 (bulletin board)
- Won 1 B English grade, sacred18, wired13 (find chunkypuff!)
- Won deus02, ninja03, paris18 (slots)
- Won trapnest02, myths18 (card scramble)
- Won 1 B English grade, geostigma15, balance01 (series guess)
- Won destined01, britannia14 (voice talent)
- Taken free card culinary06
- Won 1 extra grade (Round ONE [Spirits])
- Won persocom15, kingdoms02 (choice cards) and lotis13, camera12 (random cards)
- Mastered harem!!!
- Won 1 B Science grade, runemidgard10, elementary20 (puzzle)

June, 21st 2007
- Won brigade01, shinra16, princess03 (slots)
- Won persocom06, hotline10 (lottery)
- Removed tenipuri09 (Lottery Payment)
- Won sacred20, witch07 (card scramble)
- Won books12, sky14 (scratch off, 2 random cards)
- Traded crossover09 for persocom14 with Kaz
- Won 2 extra grades, hokage11, beloved03, malice20 (Graphics Donation)
- Traded blossom18, destiny01, destiny16, geostigma04, kyou20, millenion12, west13, west16 for books16, feather09, feather13, platinum12, shudelmir02, shudelmir09, shudelmir14, shudelmir19 with Kayori

June, 15th 2007
- Won 1 A English grade (bulletin board)
- Won 1 C History grade, witch09, model08 (freebies)
- Taken free card noir19
- Won 1 B English grade, halo10, cross16 (puzzle)

June, 2nd 2007
- Won 1 B History grade, chii13, seed02 (find chunkypuff!)
- Won ghoul09, ghoul13 (scratch off, 2 random cards)
- Traded shudelmir02, witch09, witch11, kimlasca09, feather06 for books07, books11, kingdoms05, kingdoms06, oath10 with Mamori
- Won books14, rosary14 (card scramble)
- Won 1 B Music grade, geostigma08, sand08 (series guess)
- Won 1 B Science grade, stage18, seed07 (costume)
- Won 1 B Art grade, model02, runemidgard04 (warped)
- Won 1 C English grade, chronicle07, books10 (freebies)
- Taken free card brigade08
- Won 1 B Music grade, passion19, scrapyard06 (puzzle)

May 2007

May, 31st 2007
- Won magi17, pendragon04, lenneth14 (slots)

May, 28th 2007
- Swap stage04 with eclipse16 (Doubles swap)
- Grades exchange gigas18, scrapyard14, valmar01, seed08, mythril15, peach05, harem07
- Won 1 B History grade, sin20, zodiac08 (warped)
- Won 1 B Science grade, guitar03, sin01 (costume)
- Won harem14, destiny01 (voice talent)
- Won 1 B Music grade, ivalice16, expel11 (series guess)
- Won passion13, babylon08 (card scramble)
- Traded flower19 for persocom16 and member cards with Arianne

May, 26th 2007
- Traded coordinator11 for django18 with Kaze
- Won kingdoms07 (bulletin board)
- Won 1 B History grade, django06, babylon09 (find chunkypuff!)
- Won 1 C Art grade, cephiro10, persocom07 (freebies)
- Won 1 B English grade, runemidgard18, platinum20 (puzzle)
- Taken free card comic01
- Won 1 extra Grade, lucifer08, stolen13, flower19 (Brigade Deck making)
- Won 1 extra Grade, surgeon12, stage04, ranger16 (Chimera Deck making)

May, 25th 2007
- Traded emigre03, delilah09 for sacred03, trapnest09 (Card Swap - May 18 to June 1)

May, 24th 2007
- Won 1 Puffer, judgment02, witch09, labyrinth20 (bonus!)
- Won 1 Shrimp, 1 Scallop, kyou20, elementary11 (double warped)
- Traded ivalice15 for harem06 with devon

May, 23rd 2007
- Traded gullwings17 for harem11 with Dite Hart
- Won 1 B Music grade, pearl20, seasons06 (warped)
- Bought three copies of my member card (Shoppe)

May, 19th 2007
- Won persocom04, crossover09, cross18 (lottery)
- Won 1 extra Grade (scratch off)
- Won 1 C Art grade, hunters10, tiara01 (freebies)
- Won 1 Extra grade, labyrinth07 (bulletin board)
- Won 1 B English grade, sin04, paris06 (find chunkypuff!)
- Won django13, tamago16 (card scramble)
- Won 1 B Science grade, oath12, cephiro11 (series guess)
- Won 1 B Music grade, minerva01, sin05 (costume)
- Won 1 B Art grade, love16, feather06 (puzzle)

May, 18th 2007
- Won host19, harem19 (choice cards) and blossom18, shipwreck11 (random cards)
- Mastered dragon!!

May, 17th 2007
- Won 1 Shrimp, minerva09, dash11 (codebreaker)
- Won 1 B History grade, blade04, passion15 (warped)
- Won host06, dragon10 (choice cards) and bara06, licence06 (random cards)
- Graduate grade!!

May, 13th 2007
- Won magi12, coordinator11, artist20 (slots)
- Won 1 C Science grade, kimlasca09 (lucky match)
- Won 1 B Art grade, dalmasca06, feather16 (find chunkypuff!)
- Won oath02, sand17 (card scramble)
- Traded class16 for runemidgard15 with iceymoon
- Traded babysitter03 for harem16 with Carly

May, 12th 2007
- Won 1 C Art grade, laws05, senshi07 (freebies)
- Won 1 A English grade, books17 (bulletin board)
- Won 1 Shrimp, millennion12, oath15 (puzzle)
- Won 1 B Art grade, stage01, class16 (puzzle)
- Taken free card dalmasca02

May, 11th 2007
- Traded designer20, alice19 for harem15, kingdoms08 with Lenners

May, 10th 2007
- Won 2 extra grades, scrapyard19, july07, oscar12 (10 puzzle finished!)
- Won kingdoms18, chii15 (10 puzzle, fifth prize page)

May, 9th 2007
- Won runemidgard06, alice19 (10 puzzle, fourth prize page)
- Won books02, lotis04 (10 puzzle, third prize page)

May, 8th 2007
- Won books13, runemidgard14 (10 puzzle, second prize page)
- Won sacred12, laws02 (10 puzzle, first prize page)
- Grades exchange harem05, dragon05, dragon13, dragon20, blackpearl13, kingdoms01, kingdoms15, kingdoms20

May, 7th 2007
- Taken 1 free Puffer (Thanks Rahenna!)

May, 5th 2007
- Won 1 A Science grade, finder10 (bulletin board)
- Won toudou18, midnight11, halo12 (slots)
- Won 1 B Art grade, model18, oniichan06 (find chunkypuff!)
- Won 1 B Art grade, host18, laws11 (puzzle)
- Won django11, baroque07 (card scramble)
- Won love10, gullwings17 (lottery)
- Removed shinsengumi03 (Lottery Payment)
- Won 1 C Art grade, django20, passion10 (freebies)
- Taken free card magi03
- Won 1 extra Grade (scratch off)

May, 3rd 2007
- Traded kira08, laws03, laws20, riskbreaker16 for harem10, harem18, dragon12, dragon16 with Maija

May, 2nd 2007
- Traded solieu12, cephiro07, crusades19 for persocom01, persocom13, tattoo11 with Arianne
- Won oath17, expel20 (card claim)
- Taken free card babysitter03

April 2007

April, 28th 2007
- Traded wishes02 and wishes19 for host17 and trapnest19 with Mattermao
- Traded dark16 for dragon15 with Ruri

April, 28th 2007
- Won 1 B Art grade, sin13, space06 (warped)
- Won runemidgard13, finder07, aurora11 (slots)
- Won 1 B History grade, shinsengumi03, kingdoms19 (find chunkypuff!)
- Won 1 A English grade, solieu12 (bulletin board)
- Won 1 C English grade, ecure07, scrapyard03 (freebies)
- Won minerva12, minerva08 (card scramble)
- Won cephiro07, geostigma13 (voice talent)
- Won 1 B Art grade, devil06, origin04 (puzzle)

April, 26th 2007
- Traded tournament06 for harem13 with Jaga
- Traded member cards with Kaze
- Won host04, host16 (choice cards) and crusades19, emigre03 (random cards)
- Mastered blossom!!

April, 25th 2007
- Traded ghoul14 for harem17 with Nafretiri
- Won blossom05, blossom08 (choice cards) and hanagumi16, tenipuri09 (random cards)
- Mastered slave!!
- Won host01, host03 (choice cards) and future19, heroes16 (random cards)
- Senior grade!!
- Grades exchange dragon01, dragon06, harem04, slave08, colony14, slave18, innocent06
- Traded shudelmir13 for slave17 with Sammie

April, 24th 2007
- Won 1 A History grade (bulletin board)
- Won ecure04, silmeria05 (voice talent)
- Won 1 B Science grade, laws03, sand16 (costume)

April, 22nd 2007
- Won model15, shipwreck09, badluck08 (slots)

April, 21st 2007
- Won hunters14, shudelmir02 (lottery)
- Removed shinigami17 (Lottery Payment)
- Traded shipwreck03 for blossom09 with Arianne
- Won 1 C History grade, tattoo07, esper04 (freebies)
- Taken free card ecure10
- Won witch11, release08 (card scramble)
- Won 1 B Music grade, love14, designer20 (puzzle)
- Won 1 extra Grade (scratch off)

April, 19th 2007
- Won 1 B History grade, dragon04, strahl01(warped)
- Won delilah09, west13, runemidgard07 (slots)
- Won 1 B Art grade, zodiac17, runemidgard20 (find chunkypuff!)

April, 13th 2007
- Taken tamago07, dragon18, silmeria07, himuro16, shikon02, shipwreck03 from randomizer
- Taken 3 choice cards slave07, blossom04, harem03

April, 1st 2007
- Taken free card nocturne08
- Removed detective20 (Lottery Payment)
- Won oath16 (scratch off, 1 random card)

March 2007

March, 31st 2007
- Won laws20, designer07(freebies)
- Won dragon11, pearl12(card scramble)
- Won 1 B Science grade, book05, wingfield09(puzzle)

March, 28th 2007
- Grades exchange dragon09, host11, harem20, destiny16, slave06, jusenkyo02, blossom17, shinigamy17
- Swap tattoo13 with elementary04 (Doubles swap)

March, 23rd 2007
- Won 5 A grades from Rahenna

March, 23rd 2007
- Traded scythe20 for tattoo13 with Kaz
- Traded member cards with Kaz

March, 21st 2007
- Won blossom20, slave19 (choice cards) and detective20, promise15 (random cards)
- Junior grade!!

March, 18th 2007
- Won host05, stage04 (correct me!)
- Won zodiac11, dark16 (lottery)
- Removed minimech10 (Lottery Payment)
- Won 1 Extra grade, 1 A Art grade (bulletin board)
- Won 1 B Music grade, genpei04, symphony17 (puzzle)
- Won host20 (scratch off, 1 random card)

March, 17th 2007
- Won 1 B History grade, family19, trapnest11 (find chunkypuff!)
- Grades exchange frozen07, nerv09, finder18, concerto05, slave06, blossom10

March, 16th 2007
- Traded seasons12 for tattoo06 with Barbar
- Traded member cards with Barbar

March, 15th 2007
- Traded member cards with KaraKael
- Won 1 C Art grade, harem12, blood05 (music mixup)
- Won slave12, wishes19 (card scramble)
- Won 1 B English grade, love05, chronicle09 (warped)

March, 14th 2007
- Bought four copies of my member card (Shoppe)

March, 12th 2007
- Traded member cards with Iceymoon
- Won dragon19, orphan03 (correct me!)
- Won runemidgard05, shudelmir13 (so trivial)

March, 11th 2007
- Won 1 B History grade, tattoo12, geostigma03 (puzzle)
- Won 1 Extra grade, slave13 (bulletin board)
- Traded member cards with Maija
- Grades exchange slave03, blossom02, dragon08, slave11, slave16

March, 10th 2007
- Won tattoo13, whishes02 (correct me!)
- Won 1 B English grade, geostigma04, love03 (warped)
- Won 1 Puffer (bonus!)
- Won 1 Shrimp, 1 Scallop (double warped)
- Won 1 Shrimp (codebreaker)
- Won 1 Shrimp (puzzle)
- Got my member card in 3 copies

March, 8th 2007
- Won 1 C Science grade, chii08, harem08 (music mixup)
- Won blossom14, trapnest01 (card scramble)
- Won 1 C Science grade, hunters17, hunters20 (alien life)
- Won 2 Extra grades (logic puzzle)
- Traded ribbon06, crystal09 for persocom08, persocom09 with Lunix

March, 7th 2007
- Traded nobodies09 for persocom12 with mattermao
- Traded shuri11 for dragon03 with Marfisa

March, 6th 2007
- Won blossom15, ivalice15 (lottery)
- Removed ocarina06 (Lottery Payment)
- Traded witch17, witch20 for blossom11, blossom18 with Sammie

March, 5th 2007
- Won 1 A Art grade(bulletin board)

March, 4th 2007
- Won 1 B History grade, vortex03, release11 (puzzle)
- Won 1 B Science grade, love20, hotline02 (find chunkypuff!)
- Won blackpearl08, lucius02 (so trivial)
- Traded master04 for book04 (Card Swap - February 18 to March 4)
- Won trapnest20, blossom10 (scratch off, 2 random cards)

March, 3rd 2007
- Won blossom01, slave02 (choice cards) and blood07, minimech10 (random cards)
- Sophomore grade!!
- Traded spirit13 for crystal09 (group collect)

March, 2nd 2007
- Won 2 Extras grades, persocom19, gullwings20, scythe20 (10 puzzle finished!)
- Won witch17, ribbon06 (10 puzzle, fifth prize page)
- Won sand10, lotis19 (10 puzzle, fourth prize page)
- Won zodiac05, ghoul14 (10 puzzle, third prize page)
- Won hotline13, nobodies09 (10 puzzle, second prize page)

March, 1st 2007
- Donated spirits13 (Group Collect - Round ONE [Spirits])
- Won spirits13, minerva20 (warped)
- Won tournament06, shuri11 (card scramble)
- Won sin07, july08 (10 puzzle, first prize page)
- Traded runemidgard15 for blossom19 with icemoon

February 2007

February, 28th 2007
- Traded midnight04 for slave14 with Lady Chani
- Won dragon17, sacred19 (card claim)

February, 27th 2007
- Grades exchange harem01, harem02, host02, host08, master04
- Won 1 C Science grade, dragon07, zodiac01 (alien life)
- Traded empire05 for dragon14 with KaraKael
- Won 1 B Science grade, kira08 (costume)

February, 26th 2007
- Won 1 Extra grade (bulletin board)
- Won runemidgard15, babylon20 (so trivial)
- Won witch20, season12 (correct me!)
- Won 1 B Science grade, slave04, west16 (puzzle)
- Traded Love05, gigas20, riskbreaker14 for slave05, blossom12, blossom16 with Alchemy

February, 25th 2007
- Traded kitty14, destiny17 for blossom03, blossom13 with Kriz
- Traded hachiyou09 for slave15 with NebulaChain

February, 24th 2007
- Traded designer04, wingfield03 for blossom07, slave20 with Jaime
- Won ocarina06, love05 (correct me!)

February, 23rd 2007
- Won slave01, midnight04, hachiyou09 (lottery)
- Removed imperial08 (Lottery Payment)
- Taken free card imperial08
- Won 1 B Music grade, futago09, designer04 (warped)
- Won 1 C Science grade, harem09, dragon02 (music mixup)
- Won 1 B Music grade, destiny17, sarasa02 (puzzle)
- Won slave09, riskbreaker16 (So trivial)
- Won 1 Extra grade, riskbreaker14 (bulletin board)
- got 2 Extra grades, empire05, wingfield03, gigas20, fallen11, desire20, kitty14 (Starter Pack)

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