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Card count [26]
Card worth [26]
Game: Delish Cards
Member Name: lollie

Collecting: Champagne Miso soup
Wishlist: cupcakes, lollipops, macarons, donuts

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Back to School Event!

x10 x2 x1 x4 x2 x1

November 2011

  • Active hiatus week 2: bubbletea15, lasagna08, sesamechicken09, mochi08, caesarsalad08, cupcakes12
  • New Card Sets: candycorn20, halloween17, jackolantern10, candyapple13, candyapple07
  • Active hiatus week 1: bombaysapphire01, sauerkraut09, eggsbenedict15, lettuce02, waffles13, lobster02
October 2011

bombaysapphire01, sauerkraut09, eggsbenedict15, lettuce02, waffles13, lobster02 [13]
  • Traded with Aelyria: bananaspringrolls05, brownies20, eggrolls12, eggssunnysideup14, ferrerorocher09, frenchonionsoup19, gelato05/16, granolabars03, hersheykisses06/11, milodinosaur11, omurice03/12, panini16, pastasalad11/18, tarakospaghetti18, tomatosalad06 for bellpepper12, champagne02/17/19, cherries19, cherrypie16, frenchtoast19, gingerbreadcookie09, lollipops01/02/12, milk13/19, misosoup05, pancakes02/04/06/10/13 and member cards
  • New Card Sets: beefbrisket11 biryani11 hersheykisses11 milodinosaur11 mooncake11 pastasalad11
  • Mastered smokedsalmon: champagne01, champagne16, jellybeans12, midori14, redvelvetcake05
  • Choice card claims: smokedsalmon12 and smokedsalmon14
  • New Card Sets: banhcanh18, bombaysapphire08, focaccia19, patbingsu18, risotto14, samosa04, sugarcookies12, tarakospaghetti18
September 2011

  • Chocolate exchange GRAPES: eggnog11, E
  • Traded with Malasierra: brownies07 brownies17 brownies10 friedplantains08 for champagne10 champagne12 champagne20 and cupcakes12 and member cards
  • Week 2 hiatus: eggssunnysideup14, fishandchips03, applepie01, friedplantains09, gingerbreadhouse03, biscuitsandgravy10, maplesyrup08, coconut12, ferrerorocher09, misosoup17, ramen17, donuts09, tomatosalad16, granolabars19, milkshake20
  • Week 1 hiatus: butternutsquash20, friedplantains08, bento12, scrambledeggs10, macarons09, granolabars08, milk09, brownies07, ribbonfries14, guinness03, friedrice05, taiyaki12, oolongtea03, gelato05, cupcakes08
  • Traded with Mahorka: apple16 icecreamsandwich01 oranges10 for champagne08 champagne11 champagne05 and member cards
  • Level Up: smokedsalmon05, smokedsalmon17, lobster18, jellybeans18, guinness05
  • Two free choice cards: champagne03 and champagne13
  • New Card Sets free cards: bananaspringrolls05, chickentenders09, chocolatetruffles15, durian18, kakigori17, passiontealemonade03, pitabread05, tteokbokki17
  • Traded with Shawnna: sesamechicken03 icedcoffee9 chococoveredstrawb02 for smokedsalmon04 smokedsalmon06 smokedsalmon16 and member cards
  • Traded with Cate: cottoncandies01 icecreamsundays05 for smokedsalmon08 smokedsalmon10
  • For delay update taken: 2 choice cards: smokedsalmon01, smokedsalmon20 and 5 random cards: bananas17, chickenndumplings10, biscuitsandgravy06, pumpkinpie10, vanilla19
  • Traded with Lex: member cards
  • Received: My member card
  • Birthday Gifts: strawberryshortcake12, nutella02, choice coupons x 3
  • Trade with Carolynn: tomatosoup01, currypowder01 for smokedsalmon02, smokedsalmon18
  • Trade with Lex: carrots20, ferrerorocher07, ferrerorocher17 for cherrypie15, greenbeancasserole03, misosoup18
  • Taken: jujusfavorites11 & jujusfavorites19
  • Taken two event cards: 07_backtoschool & 08_juperniasbirthday
August 2011

  • Trade with Pil-P: milkshake02 for smokedsalmon11
  • Trade with Mary: cinnamon06 for smokedsalmon03
  • New Card Sets free cards: chococoveredstrawb02, ferrerorocher07, pears12, ribbonfries02, sauerkraut10 and steaktartare20
  • Trade with Mara: fishandchips19 for smokedsalmon13
  • Double exchange: oranges10, fishandchips19 for strawberries11, pastasalad18
  • Starter pack: smokedsalmon19, smokedsalmon07, hotdog13, friedrice05, cherrypie01, lemonade08, icedcoffee09
  • Joined Delish cards
November 2011

  • Poker Time (One Pair): brownies16, samosa20, A, 10cents
  • Lottery Card: tofu12, limes06
  • Slot Machine: halloween17, staranise03, R, U, 2dollars
  • Blackjack: butternutsquash16, mochi18, unagidon04, C, U, 5dollars
  • Poker Time (Three of a Kind): limes19, bento07, dinnerrolls13, U, V, 10cents, 10cents, choice coupon
  • Lottery Card: tofu17, strawberryshortcake08
  • Slot Machine: asamlaksa08, pierogies03, A, E, 10cents
  • Blackjack: hotchocolate15, smores08, macarons17, R, E, 10cents
  • Food Fight: candycane19, sushi08, A, H, 2dollars
October 2011

  • Lost Dice: pancakes18, mozzarella16, dungenesscrab14, N, E, Free, 10dollars
  • Poker Time (One Pair): currypowder14, midori16, O, 10cents
  • Lottery Card: grilledcheese02, satay06, chocolatecake16
  • Blackjack 21: bento14, popcorn19, prawns06, B, D, 1dollar and choice coupon, Free
  • Food Fight: panini10, chickenndumplings11, U, F, 10cents
  • Chef's Special: chococoveredstrawb13, chocolatetart11, paprika12, friedplantains18, A, A, 5dollars
  • The Wandering Chef: passiontealemonade15, sugarcookies16, 2dollars
  • The Hot Pot: taiyaki06 gravy07 friedplantains09 for mozzarella07 donuts13 pancakes13
  • Book Search: gyros19, shiitake19, bacon10, misosoup11, E, 10cents
  • The Hot Pot: faverestaurant02 for champagne01
  • Cooking Lessons: frenchtoast02, xiaolongbao13, hersheykisses06, bellpepper14, A, 25cents
  • Buy Me This Brand: milk02, faverestaurants12, donuts18, F, 10cents
  • Where in the World?: beefbrisket02, caesarsalad18, choice coupon, E, 10cents
  • Food Popquiz: omurice03, greentea02, strawberrydaiquiri20, eggssunnysideup04, C, 25cents
  • Puzzle Trivia Challenge Round 6: faverestaurants02, cookiesncream11, ginger01, grilledcheese18, cupcakes10, 2 choice coupons
  • Puzzle Trivia Challenge Round 5: quesadillas10, currypowder13, cornonthecob16, misosoup09, favoritedrinks17, choice coupon
  • Puzzle Trivia Challenge Round 4: caesarsalad13, gingerbreadcookie05, lasagna01, chococoveredstrawb19, choice coupon
  • Puzzle Trivia Challenge Round 3: pierogies19, tacos06, choice coupon
  • Puzzle Trivia Challenge Round 2: popcorn06, panettone20, lambchop16
  • Puzzle Trivia Challenge Round 1: tomatosoup17, kakigori02
  • Leftovers: macarons01
  • Foreign Order: blueberrypie12, crepes19, applecrumble08, breadbowls15, D, C
  • Drunken Customer: misosoup07, tofu20, U, E, I
  • Delicious Match: cupcakes09, friedchicken18
  • Kitchen Mishap: caesarsalad20, curry19, D, S
  • Pantry Cleanup: unagidon04, gyros06, O, L
  • Fish for Food: quiche14, donuts02, garlic04, E
  • The Hot Pot: grapes13 for lollipops16
September 2011

  • Kuru Kuru Eats: grapes13 mozzarella01
  • September Takeout Orders: pumpkinpie02 icedtea09 grapes13 apple03 smokedsalmon15
  • Kuru Kuru Eats: padthai13 devilsfoodcake19 peaches08
  • Kuru Kuru Eats: panettone13, roastedturkey14
  • Kuru Kuru Eats: camembert07, lychee12, pancakes12
  • Slot Machine: cherries16, frenchonionsoup19, O, O
  • Poker Time (Consolation): pomegranate11
  • Lottery Card: strawberryshortcake20, strawberries12, icecreamsundaes18
  • Blackjack: pancakes01, pomegranate20, parsley03, R, S
  • The Wandering Chef: boiledeggs10, watermelons18
  • Buy Me This Brand: okonomiyaki15, ginger17, chocolatetart02, W
  • Where in the World?: peaches10, papaya02, choice coupon, T
  • Book Search: apple16, carrotcake05, O
  • Food Popquiz: icecreamsandwich07, cinnamon03, I
  • Delish Taste Test: crayfish04 hotchocolate01
  • Kuru Kuru Eats: camembert07, lychee12, pancakes12
August 2011

  • Delish Taste Test: smokedsalmon09, brownies10
  • Foreign Order: ferrerorocher17, bluecheese12, I, E
  • Drunken Customer: croissants12, chocolatemilk08, E, D, E
  • Leftovers: omurice12
  • Delicious Match: currypowder01, eggrolls11
  • Kitchen Mishap: siumai06, midori06, O, I
  • Pantry Cleanup: strawberryicecream15, brownies20, E, U
  • Fish for Food: panini16, strawberries12, pinacolada18, L
  • Lottery Card: grilledcheese14, oranges10, tomatosoup01
  • Puzzle Trivia Challenge Round 4: gravy07, taiyaki06, oregano05, granolabars03, choice coupon
  • Puzzle Trivia Challenge Round 3: eclairs17, favoritedrinks12, choice coupon
  • Puzzle Trivia Challenge Round 2: strawberryshortcake12, cheesecake14, animalcrackers13
  • Puzzle Trivia Challenge Round 1: prawns09, fishandchips19
  • Lost Dice: boiledeggs01, fishandchips19, scrambledeggs10, G, R, H
  • Mind Reader: whiterice16, basil19, oranges10, parsley06, B, P
  • Blackjack: tiramisu08, baklava16, gelato16, C, A
  • The Wandering Chef: misosoup01, sesamechicken03
  • Buy Me This Brand: milkshake02, carrots20, icecreamsundaes09, X
  • Book Search: tuna07, cinnamon06, N
  • Chef's Special: bellpepper17, sweethearts06, tomatosalad06, grapes19, B, A
  • Food Popquiz: maplesyrup10, cottoncandy01, N
  • Leftovers: muffins05
  • Foreign Order: icecreamsundaes05, brownies17, P, T
  • Delicious Match: creamofmushroom02, pancakes17
  • Kitchen Mishap: applecrumble09, tiramisu19, N, U
  • Pantry Cleanup: greenbeancasserole10, battenbergcake06, R, L
  • Fish for Food: eggrolls12
  • Joined Delish cards

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